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Customer Centricity is no longer an option – it’s a necessity…

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Have you heard of The Age Of The Customer?

Customer centricity is no longer an option… it’s a necessity

We live in The Age of The Customer where customers are blessed with enormous access to goods and services and are empowered by technology and information. For the first time in history, customers have access to global providers at the top of their fingertips. Without you even knowing about it, they compare and evaluate you before they even properly interact with your business.

Customer experience is the new battlefield and customer centricity is is no longer an option… it’s an absolute necessity.

Having consulted large global companies, I know that large corporates are investing millions and billions of dollars into customer centric transformation so that they adapt to ever changing needs of their customers. Whilst the transformation of large organisations is slow, they’ve been on this journey for several years now and are getting really sophisticated in understanding their customers’ wants and needs and addressing them.

Have you heard of The Age Of The Customer? What are you doing about it?

Did You Know…


Only 1 in 26 unhappy customers complain, the rest just leave


Customer advocates are 5x more valuable than average customers


Every bad experience is shared twice as much as a good experience


New customer acquisition is 6-7 times more expensive than keeping an existing customer

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Succeed through customer centricity

The digital age is moving at an uncontrollable speed, products and prices are commoditised, customers have more choices than ever before. Welcome to “The Age Of The Customer” where customers rule and their decisions are driven by experiences.

Increased knowledge of customers’ wants and needs helps businesses prioritise their activities, improve revenue, reduce costs, improve efficiency and therefore naturally it leads to greater profits.

I specialise in helping my clients thrive through understanding their customers. In particular, I help them understand their customers’ specific wants and needs and help them set up their businesses around their customers to maximise their profitability. In other words, I help them add their cherry on top.


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