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How to create a great customer experience…  or the power of 2mm adjustments

Silvia Myers

Silvia Myers, Founder of Bright Cherry

January 2018

Whenever people talk about customer centricity or customer experience, it always comes back to deep customer knowledge. I mean to be able to provide great experience and value to our customers, businesses first need to know who they are serving, right?

Knowing your customers well enough and understanding their wants and needs is not just a key to success but also a key to business survival. And when it comes to servicing customers, it’s actually the first 30 seconds that determine how does a customer feel about a service provider. It only takes that first 30 seconds for the customers to make an impression and form an opinion.

Looking at that interaction and how important the beginning of that interaction is, how do businesses know what interaction they need to deliver in those first 30 seconds?

One of the things that I really want to make clear is that great customer experience doesn’t have to be about higher costs. It doesn’t have to be about pumping more money into marketing or new gadgets, but it’s about making those small tweaks in what businesses do on a daily basis to be able to service their customers better.

The answer is in understanding how they want their customers to feel at the end of that interaction. The actual point is to understand what is the feeling that they want their customer to walk away with. Are customers supposed to feel inspired? Proud? Excited? Safe? Or are customers supposed to feel confident that providers can deliver on their promises?

Once businesses set their goals on what’s the feeling they want their customers to walk away with, they can start coming up with ways on how to deliver that feeling.

Though, one of the common objections I keep hearing from small business owners is that they don’t want to ask about or deep dive into customers’ expectations and preferences because they’re afraid that they might not have enough money to fulfill their wishes.

For some reason, there is this perception on the market that to provide great customer experience a business needs expensive equipment, technology or any other extras that cost money.  

Great customer experience starts with the right business mindset and the right attitude and making sure that businesses are focused on helping their customers. Making sure that businesses are focussed on serving their customers’ wants and needs instead of just selling to them.

This one point alone will create a massive difference in results of every business because it’s about creating real customer value.

So what are those small tweaks business can make to their products and services to better align with their customers? Perhaps small adjustments to daily processes or activities?

What are those small tiny differences that will actually make a tremendous impact on the customer and therefore also business results?

The impact of small changes is like a small difference in the course of direction. Imagine two cars being placed to one another with a small difference in the course of their direction. It’s a tiny difference at the start and it will end up having a massive difference somewhere down the track. Each of those cars reaches a completely different destination.

And the same is true about Customer Experience. It’s about those 2-millimeter adjustments that will have a massive impact on the customer and the business bottom line somewhere down the track.

It’s those small tiny 2mm adjustments that allow businesses to provide to their customers what they want and need, and they allow businesses to stand out and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Which drives great business results.

Think about a florist who sells flowers to his customer Linda on the same day each year so that she can give them to her mother. How much better would be Linda’s experience if her florist knew what she liked, anticipated her need and instead of her having to fit it into her schedule, he would reach out to her and say: “Linda, your mom’s birthday is coming up. Last year, you gave her pink roses. I suggest this year we go with pink roses mixed up with a bit of green and yellow. I keep the same price, charge the same credit card and it’ll be ready whenever it suits you.” Do you think this florist would meet Linda’s wants, needs, and expectations? What do you think would be the impact of this interaction? And most importantly, did this cost the florist any extra?

Please do remember that large organizations are investing billions of dollars into customer centricity and improving the experience for their customers. They heavily focus on how to adapt, how to service customers better and how to quickly respond to customers’ ever-changing and ever-increasing demands.

So if you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, please start thinking about who your customer is and how can you adapt making those 2mm adjustments that’ll have a huge impact on your business results.

Your Experience

But most importantly, share your thoughts with us. Did times get better for you because you’ve done something right or have you perhaps had to face some tougher challenges? Whatever it is, I’d love to hear your story! To share your thoughts and experience with like-minded entrepreneurs, write your comments below.

Silvia is the Founder of Bright Cherry, a customer centric consultancy specialising in helping entrepreneurs and small business owners understand their customers and build successful businesses around that. The fact is that 90% of entrepreneurs fail and one of the reasons is that majority of businesses don’t understand their target market. Get in touch to join the growing network of successful entrepreneurs committed to reach new heights through delivering to their customers’ wants and needs.