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Silvia Myers & SpeedFit discuss their path to success


“Once you achieve something, it’s not like you want more, but you learn more. And then you challenge yourself to achieve more.” – this is just one of the amazing quotes from a very inspiring interview with Matej and Roland, the two Co- Founders of SpeedFit, a successful and fast growing fitness business in Australia.

These two guys have started literally from scratch. On a student visa, with no English language skills, they decided to set up an innovative fitness business in Australia.

A few years on, they now have 7 studios in Perth, 2 in Sydney with the first successful franchise business already in operation.

As a result, Matej has also made it to the top 3 finalists for NextGen in Franchising awards in Australia.

And as all other great entrepreneurs, their attitude to failure and growth is very inspiring: “All of the mistakes we’ve made, we paid a ‘tuition fee’ for. All of the lessons learned have been very expensive but very valuable.”

Check out SpeedFit.

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