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Market Positioning Tool

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Your business success relies on how you position yourself on the market. You need to weigh out the balance between customers, your competitors and what’s good for your business in a long run. This tool has been designed to help you position yourself on the market by connecting with your high value customers and improve your profitability.




You are after the HIGH VALUE type of customers

Customers who really appreciate the unique high quality service that you provide.

You are NOT after customers who only come to you with coupons and discounts

Who constantly want to price match and then you never see them again.

This tool has been tested in hundreds of other businesses and IT WORKS.

Find out for yourself.


Who stay with you through the good and sometimes also through not so good, customers who RECOMMEND you to others.

Follow the template and fill it out thoroughly

If you use this tool properly, it will change the way your business operates and will have a STRONG POSITIVE IMPACT ON YOUR BOTTOM LINE.

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